Aurora 6500DE Diesel Generator

Many generator companies would have you believe they sell a quality product but, many other generator companies do not have any quality assurance agency and certification to backup any of their claims. Because of this, anything they say, is really meaningless.

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Cold Weather Starting

Notice the ON/OFF switch with the red light over it on the photo below? It is used to turn on the engine cold start heater. This is a feature most other generators do not have. On Aurora Generators when turned on, a heating element in the air intake glows red hot. Since temperatures below fifty degrees can be considered cold for starting a diesel engine, warming up the air makes it possible to start them in what would normally be difficult conditions.

You can see in our video some other-brand generator that just will not start in the cold weather.

Digital Panel Meter

For many customers having exactly 60 hertz and the correct output voltage is important. This Aurora Generator has a digital panel meter that shows you the frequency in hertz and the voltage output in a digital display.

Automatic Voltage Regulator

An automatic voltage regulator is used on this generator. It is very fast to respond to changes in load and corrects output voltage much faster than others without it. Other generators output voltage is effected by engine speed and sudden load changes. With an Aurora Generator if you are using a long extension cord that ends up having a voltage drop across it, you can increase or decrease the the generator voltage to make up for those losses.

Panel Outlets

On this generator, you can use all the power outlets at the same time. You have more power available with Aurora Generators, then on you do with others that use a voltage switch. If you look carefully, you will notice other generators force you to select between their single pair of 120 volt outlets or the 30 amp 240 volt outlet. The outlets are just as you have in your home. They are rated at 15 or 20 amps maximum. Just as in your home, if you plug in more than a toaster or hair dryer you blow the fuse. Those 20 amp outlets at 120 volts only let you draw 2400 watts maximum. So why are those other brands claiming to be 6500 watts or more? The answer is, people just fall for it not knowing any better.

On Aurora Generators, you can use two pairs of 120 volt outlets each fused at 20 amps. That is double the power. 40 amps at 120 volts is 4800 watts. Plus, you can also use the 120/240 volt outlet at the same time without any switch.

Cleaner Emissions - Longer life - Less Noise

Our generator exhaust system uses a D.O.C. (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) It is responsible for eliminating 90% of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons making this diesel generator super clean and EPA 2011 approved.

Generator Specifications

Panel Outlets 4 x 120 volt rated @ 20 amps
1 x 240 volt rated @ 30 amps
1 x 12 volt rated @ 8.3 amps
Generator Type Automatic Voltage Regulator - Class F Alternator - Certified to CSA Standard 22.2 No 100
Power Factor 1.0
Peak Generator Power Output 6500 Watts
Continuous Generator Power Output 5000 Watts
Alternator Peak Rated Current 41.7 amps @ 120 volts
Color Black
Engine Type Single cylinder forced air cooled, 4 stroke, direct injection.
Fuel Tank Size 3.3 gallons
Continuous Run Time 12 Hours under 75% load
Fuel Type Normal Automotive Grade Diesel Fuel only
Starting System Key Switch + Manual Recoil Starter
Oil Pressure Sensor Yes, disables engine if low pressure exists
Panel Display Digital Multi-meter. Voltage, Frequency & Hour Counter
Battery Included - 12 Volt maintenance free.
Product Dimensions 28.25" x 19" x 23.5"
Weight 263 Lbs
Altitude Not intended for use above 3000 feet


Maintenance, Parts & Service

Just like any other heavy machinery, if you want your diesel generator to last then preventative maintenance will be required from time to time. You will need to do oil changes, filter changes and simple valve adjustments in the future. Aurora has excellent manuals and instructional videos showing you how to do all this. They should be followed and make owning a generator much easier.


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